Sama Mara

traditional Geometry

Geometry allows me to bring together my whole range of interests from maths & science to art & music. To me Geometry is the study of harmony and form, as it unfolds from the simplest and purest of forms - the circle.

I was fortunate enough to discover The Princes School of Traditional Arts - London, set up by Keith Critchlow, and had the honour to study under Paul Marchant and Jonathan Horning, who taught to me the traditional techniques of geometry in 2-d and 3-d from the Islamic and Christian traditions.

Since completing this course I have continued my research in traditional geometry as well as looking into the current trends such as quasi-crystals and fractals, I have found the combination of these studies incredibly fruitful with one study informing the other, allowing me to continue in the tradition of geometric artwork.

Art and Music

Since the earliest days of my explorations into art and music I have been trying to reconcile the two studying the relationships between them. Looking at the various attempts made over the centuries to discover this relationship I was struck by the contradictions and confusion surrounding this topic which has encouraged me to look further. Since learning traditional geometry at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts this interest has been spurned on and has taken a more rigorous and scientific approach.

I am working with the extremely talented musician Lee Westwood developing pieces as visual art and music in unison.